Remaining part of SPP as an MPP graduate

The School of Public Policy Alumni represents an ambitious and innovative community of MPP graduates from across Canada and the globe. The MPP program graduated its first class in 2012 with three cohorts completing the program thus far. Our alumni have obtained positions in areas of government, politics, think tanks, nonprofit organizations, energy, oil and gas as well as various other industries.

The mission of The School of Public Policy Alumni is to foster excellence for The School and its graduates through an engaged community where ideas and experiences can be shared. Alumni can remain connected to the School through SPP and U of C alumni events, peer interactions, mentoring current MPP students, and opportunities to meet and interact with a wide range of senior professionals based both in Calgary, Canada, and abroad.

This link Connecting Masters of Public Policy student and employers @ SPP is a U Today story/video re-cap of September’s event at SPP where we brought together a range of employers, current students, graduating students and faculty members.

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