Term 2 Courses (Winter Term)

PPOL 613 – Effective Writing and Research Skills- January Block Week Course

  1. PPOL 609 – Decision Analysis: Students learn to apply quantitative methods including cost-benefit analysis, statistical and econometric analysis of policy-relevant data, survey design and interpretation, and formal policy models based on decision theory.
  2. PPOL 615 – Public Finances: This course is intended to familiarize students with government finances and the restrictions on policy choices resulting from the need for governments to satisfy a budget constraint. Tax policy, the appropriate design of expenditure policies, policies with respect to deficits and debt, and issues of intergovernmental relations will be examined.
  3. PPOL 619 – Governance, Institutions and Public Policy: In this course students examine the rules and informal relationships among those determining public policy outcomes. Alternative institutional relationships and the evolution of those relationships are studied. The ever-changing dynamic of multi-level governance and court versus legislative public policy making are explored.
  4. Elective Course.