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BEPS It is virtually impossible for those concerned with international tax and public finance not to be touched by the G20-sponsored Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”)  “BEPS” – “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” – project (February 2013 OECD scoping paper and July 2013 Action Plan).  The CBC’s Sunday Morning radio program has devoted […]

For most of human history, we have struggled to solve problems of too little information. Recently, the cell phone texters among us have presented society with a concise phrase that identifies the opposite problem:  “too much information” or TMI.  While the phrase normally is associated with meaningless online posts that in previous generations would not […]

On June 17, the federal government issued its approval of the Northern Gateway project, approving the recommendation of the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel that the project be approved with 209 conditions. Both Thomas Mulcair, federal NDP leader and Justin Trudeau, federal Liberal leader, came out strongly against the decision. In the NDP’s press […]

Canada and the United States have generally been on the same side of history in confronting threats to our shared values and interests.   We have therefore often found common strategic purpose in developing oil and gas pipeline infrastructure.  In the 1940s, just weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the two governments agreed on […]

In a three-part series Martha Hall Findlay, Executive Fellow at The School of Public Policy and a former Liberal MP, has argued that Canada’s system of supply management for dairy farmers should be dismantled. This is part 1. There is a lot more to Canada’s dairy farms than the idyllic settings portrayed in the TV ads […]