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For two days next week, the US and Chinese Presidents will meet near Los Angeles for a historic ‘get to know you.’ There is much to discuss but pre-meetings last September in China involving Secretary of Defense Panetta and more recently on May 28th with US National Security Adviser, Tom Donilon, suggest five key points. The […]

Canada, like many other nations, supports business R&D through the tax system; but Canada stands out in being unusually generous to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). An international comparison of tax assistance for R&D showed that: SMEs undertaking R&D in Canada receive a subsidy through the tax system of just over 40%, the highest in […]

Another election; another “shockwave” and another round of mea culpas. The May 14 election in British Columbia caused consternation among the punditry and, coming just a year after a similar surprise in the Alberta election results, led to another round of calls for pollsters to explain themselves and to account for their (alleged) incompetence. Not […]

Thomas Mulcair recently wrote an opinion piece in the Institute for Research in Public Policy’s publication Policy Options, calling for Canadians to build a “balanced, sustainable energy future.” Overall, it is a thoughtful piece. Mr. Mulcair highlights “science-based” environmental assessments as key to NDP priorities. He is right to do so, but he should favour […]

  Two headlines on the New York Times website on May 1, 2013 illustrate the complexity of the situation in Syria and why the Harper government’s ‘Do Nothing’ policy is the wisest at this time: “Obama Considers Expanding Support for Syrian Rebels”, and “Leader of Hezbollah Warns It Is Ready to Come to Syria’s Aid.” […]