Executive Committee

Ron Kneebone

Scientific Director, Social Policy and Health, Professor (Economics)

Jean-Christophe Boucher

Scientific Director, International Policy and Trade, Associate Professor

Kyle Breckenridge

Financial Analyst

Kent Fellows

Graduate Program Director: Master of Public Policy; Research Program Director: Canadian Northern Corridor

Dana Fenech

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Sara Hastings-Simon

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy and School of Public Policy

Siu Ming Kwok

Associate Director

Myles Leslie

Research Director, Associate Professor

Guillaume Lhermie

Director, Simpson Centre

Michelle Sadden

Director, Business Operations

Catherine Scheers

Senior Director, Office of Advancement

Jackie Sieppert

Interim Director

Christine Verdonck (on leave)

Director, Community & Strategic Engagement

Jennifer Winter

Associate Professor and Scientific Director, Energy and Environmental Policy