MPP Scholarships

The School of Public Policy provides a large number of generous awards of up to $10,000 per student during the course of their program. Students are automatically considered for these awards at the time their application for admission is assessed. All of our scholarships are based on the individual student’s academic merit.

MPP Research Competition Award

At the end of the Fall term, students enrolled in the MPP program are eligible to apply for additional support in the form of our Research in Public Policy competition. Up to ten students will be provided the opportunity to work and collaborate with one of The School of Public Policy’s faculty members or one of The School’s Fellows and to earn an additional $5000.00 in the form of a research assistantship. The competition is based on overall performance and participation during the first term (Fall) of the MPP program.

Paid internships

MPP students have the opportunity to be employed in a full-time or part-time, policy-related internship starting in May once their MPP coursework is completed. Average hourly salaries vary from $17 – $23 per hour. Recent internship employers include:

The Conference Board of Canada

Department of Finance Canada

City of Calgary

City of Edmonton

Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Government of Alberta

National Defence and the CDN Armed Forces

Canadian Energy Research Institute

Canada West Foundation

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Frontier Center for Public Policy