Joint JD-MPP Program

Offered by the Faculty of Law and The School of Public Policy, the Juris Doctor (JD)/Master of Public Policy (MPP) combines the study of law and public policy across a wide spectrum including resources and the environment, economic and social issues and international policy, and involves areas such as taxation, regulation, public finance and policy development and implementation. This program is targeted at graduate students who are interested in developing their legal skills and their ability to understand, analyze, develop and implement public policy. The program prepares students for careers in public and not-for-profit organizations and in the private sector which requires coordinated legal and policy expertise to affect and navigate an increasing complex world of governments and the public.

The joint degree will be available only to full-time course-based students who fulfill the admission requirements of the Faculty of Law, The School of Public Policy and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students must adhere to all the requirements of each Faculty/School.

Students must apply and be admitted to both the Faculty of Law and The School of Public Policy and a separate application to each faculty must be submitted.

Interested applicants should contact:

Geoff Webb

Senior Advisor, Student Careers/MPP

(403) 210-6861

[email protected]